Science and Mysticism From Dr Joe

Last weekend I took the train to Edinburgh to take part in Dr Joe Dispenza’s progressive workshop. I have to be honest, I knew nothing about this neuroscientist/ chiropractor/researcher/lecturer and expert on the brain, mind and human potential until 6 months ago when a friend introduced him into my life and persuaded me to go to this event. I knew that it would involve meditation, something I had not yet embraced on my journey to wellness. And something I knew would benefit me greatly.

I believe that things come into my life at the time I choose to be ready for them and that was certainly the case with this workshop. Dr Joe not only knows his stuff, he’s engaging, funny, passionate and compassionate. The weekend included teaching the science behind what happens to the brain when we think and what happens to the body when we feel and how repeating patterns of unhelpful habits of thinking and feeling lead to disease and how we can break these habits through his form of meditation. For a science geek like me who wants to know ‘how’, it was fascinating.

Almost half of the time was spent meditating and for someone who had barely managed 10 minutes prior to this event, the hour-long deep meditations sessions were a challenge at first, however, once I stopped ‘trying’ to do it right, I was able to put my body to sleep, stop my analysing brain and experience a peaceful state of nothing, at least in moments.

So I get it Dr Joe. I get how living in a constant state of stress for many years had ‘down-graded’ my immune system, leading to me being ill. I get that stress from my environment through toxic food, chemicals and people had lead to an imbalance of hormones. I get that believing I’m not good enough, feelings of fear and anger lead to the release of stress hormones and my poor immune system couldn’t cope.
I get why I’m feeling happier and healthier since making changes to my life, starting during my cancer treatment. And now Dr Joe, I understand the importance of finding order in the chaos of the mind, how this can bring about healing and infinite possibilities. I get that this is the same message the mystics and prophets have been giving us for thousands of years and I love the fact that science and mysticism are now speaking the same language.

I’m excited to begin this new chapter in my continued journey of wellbeing and self development and I look forward to sharing these learnings with others. Thank you Dr Joe for a truly inspiring, fascinating and mind-blowing weekend.

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