My Story

Wellness is very close to my heart. I have made many small changes over many years to my own life that have given me more energy, strength, better physical health, happiness, calmness, clarity, purpose, courage and peace of mind. I’d like to share with you the reason I do what I do by telling you a little about my background.


I began my working life as an Early Years Practitioner in London and Toronto and for 12 years, did my best to provide a caring environment, upholding my belief that every child’s birth-right is to feel loved, secure, stimulated, confident and happy. I then moved back to my home town of Lincoln, as a single Mum and began my teacher training whilst working as a Lecturer in Child Care and Education at a local FE College. I loved guiding young people to reach their full potential and to nurture and inspire future generations of children. So much so, I spent 22 years doing it!


In 2010 I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I was in my 40’s and thought I was fit and healthy. I was shocked, scared and devastated. My treatment meant 9 months off work and gave me the time to reflect. I’ve always believed our bodies respond to toxins from our environment, food and unconscious thoughts and nothing happens by chance so I began a quest to find out ‘why me?’ Over the next 6 years I was to lose two strong and beautiful friends to breast cancer and this spurred me on to make changes to my life and live in a better state of wellness.


I now look on my experience with cancer as a gift, something that triggered an awareness into how I could choose to take better care of my mind and body. In 2015 I left teaching and began studying both nutritional therapy and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP). I learnt how amazing our bodies are at doing their best to keep us healthy despite what we do to them! And then I discovered how our thoughts, language and beliefs affect our emotions, behaviour and our mental and physical health. This learning has been slowly blowing my mind ever since.


Now, as a Wellness Coach, I meet some truly talented, inspiring and wonderful people. I continue to learn, grow and study a range of holistic and balancing practices and I do my best to inform and empower others to achieve their own wellness goals and lead happier, healthier lives.