I help people to achieve greater wellbeing and reach their goals for health and wellness through a range of options and bring together my skills and experience of NLP, coaching, teaching and nutrition.

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Sometimes in life we get ‘stuck’ with thoughts, feelings and habits that we know are not good for us and that are negatively affecting our wellbeing. We know we want to change but are confused about how to, or we procrastinate, tell ourselves we don’t have the time/money/willpower, beat ourselves up for not doing better and we try to ignore the signs our wonderful bodies and minds are giving us that mean all is not well and we are out of balance.

These ‘signs’ can mental and emotional such as feelings of stress, worry, frustration, low self-esteem, losing a sense of purpose and they can be overwhelming. They may be physical health conditions, hormone imbalances, weight gain or unhelpful eating or lifestyle habits.

Whatever the ‘signs’, it usually comes down to us losing our connection with what we want, with ourselves, our purpose and our self care.


In my sessions, I give you the time and space to explore why you feel/think/behave the way you do. I help you to raise your awareness of what’s really important to you and therefore set personal and realistic goals. I give you permission to take care of yourself and I will guide and empower you to transform your life and make the choices that are right for you.


I am so lucky to work with amazing people who have made the decision and commitment to be at their best and achieve greater wellbeing. People that have chosen to move from pain and dissatisfaction to feeling good and fulfilled, whatever their circumstances. People that are willing to challenge their own limiting beliefs and habits and replace them with ones that serve them well.


Three Hour Package – Ideally for clients whose main focus is wanting help with healthy eating or menopausal symptoms. This involves setting realistic goals and looking at lifestyle and nutritional choices. Can be split into 3 x 1 hour sessions, 2 x 1.5 hour sessions or 1 x 3 hour half day session.

Six and Twelve Hour Packages – For more in-depth and holistic support and including a greater focus on mindset and transformation. Offered in blocks of 1.5 hour or 3 hour sessions, depending on what is right for you.

If you think I can help you, or you’d like more information, contact me to arrange a free half hour consultation.


Do you have a small group of friends or colleagues that have similar goals around healthy eating or raising awareness and reducing the symptoms of the menopause? Then why not share the cost of coaching and learn from each other in a relaxed and supportive environment. This differs from a workshop as it is in a coaching format based on reflection and discussion. Consisting of two x 2 hour sessions of between three and five people per group.


My talks can be a great way to introduce my story, ideas and knowledge, to inspire positive change, to create debate and to bring people to together in a supportive and inclusive experience. If you’d like me to speak at an event or in your workplace, contact me for details of topics and fees.


Workshops are more in-depth and interactive, where together, groups of people get the chance, with my guidance, to explore how to make lasting changes that are right for them. If this interests you, contact me for further details.



Food for Healthy Hormones – How can food reduce symptoms as we move towards, through and out of the menopause? What hormone-balancing ingredients can we use to make easy, tasty and nutritious dishes?

The Truth about Sugar – how bad is it really, how does it affect our mental health and what can we replace it with that is good for us?

Brain Food – Did you know that some food can lead to anxiety, stress and depression? Which foods harm and which heal our mental health? Discover mood-boosting recipes!

What’s on your Plate? – Just how healthy is a typical British diet? What have we been led to believe about what, and how much we should eat? How can we do better? Tasty meals and recipes to maximise nutrition.

Food For Thought – A different way of thinking about food. Why ‘diets’ don’t work and how we can train our mind to reconnect with good food, know instinctively what’s right for us and maintain healthy eating for life.


Exploring Stress – What is stress anyway? How can we learn to change our thoughts, language and behaviours to reduce unhelpful stress in our lives.

The Power of Thought – Did you know that our thoughts and beliefs directly affect how we feel? Exploring a range of strategies from growth mindset, meditation, mindfulness and NLP to help us change how we feel.

The power of Gratitude – Did you know that practising gratitude can support your mental health? We look at a range of ways to include this into your daily routine and maximise it’s benefits.

The Impact of ‘Stressors’ on our Environment – We live in a fast-moving, stressful world where being constantly busy, multi-tasking and multi-media are seen as normal – even positive. It’s never been easier to become chronically stressed, and chronic stress downgrades the immune system – in the long run, it’s a killer. It nearly killed me. Find out how we can become aware of ‘stressors’ and what we can do to reduce them, it can make a difference between life and death.


Supporting Women Through Change In the Workplace – Did you know there are 3.8 million women over 50 in the workplace? And at least 10% leave due to menopausal symptoms? For everyone, this is a topic we all need to understand in order to create a culture of openness, support and a healthier, happier work environment.

Menopause, Myths and Moving Forward – There is a lot of misinformation around about the menopause, not surprisingly because it has been a taboo subject for so long. Find out the facts, how you can support yourself and others during this natural phase of life that half of the population will experience!

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