“My name is Alan and I am in my mid 70’s. I have suffered from depression and feelings of anger for the last 20 years. I was in such a dark place that it started to affect my marriage and my relationship with my mother.
I met Alison at an organised Fitness and Wellbeing session. I asked for her help and she immediately booked some 1-hour sessions with me. I was very nervous, but Alison put me at ease and let me take things at my own pace. Her advice on how to tackle my anger helped me gain confidence. After a few weeks I noticed a great difference in my attitude and wellbeing. I now have a brighter outlook on life and my anger issues are receding.
I now look forward to the future. With her support and that of my family I feel so much better. Alison keeps in touch, which is helpful, but I feel I can cope now. I now look forward to the future.”
October 2018