“I first met Alison over a year ago for a wellbeing session provided through my employer. It was also a few days after I lost my mum, so the timing was perfect, although of course at the time I didn’t know this.
Alison has been my absolute support during this period of grief, not only helping me deal with my various emotions associated with losing my mum, but also helping me grow as a person and learning to how to look after my own wellbeing. This has given me the tools to be more resilient dealing with all areas of life, the pandemic and also my grief.
I genuinely believe that had I not had the monthly sessions with Alison I would not have had the tools to handle all of this. So, after over a year my sessions have now come to an end, but the timing is perfect again as Im now in such a better place. I have new job to go to which better suits my wellbeing needs, and Im in a happier place overall. This is testament to Alison and her expertise and helping me recognise that I can handle these challenging times, and in the future when there are bumps in the road I will take with me all I learnt. Thank you for everything and I wish you all the very best.” July 2021