I never thought I would have needed wellbeing sessions until I booked in for one, Alison soon put me at ease and I started talking about myself. I quickly learnt a lot about myself, who I was and what I valued and this enabled me to build on a set of skills that suits me as a person through Alison.

I took on the world as a team leader as I thought no better and this was at the detriment of my wellbeing. I started putting myself first but still being the kind and helpful person I have always been. I learnt we all have choices and we can all change if we want to.

I am now such a different person, I have built resilience, realised that asking a question doesn’t show weakness it shows a willingness to learn but I still have my values. I have the respect of my team and a stronger team because I have changed my approach which has also benefited them.

From this I have gained confidence and strength in order to move forward within my career and for that I am so grateful to Alison. November 2021