“I have just had 6 sessions with Alison and my life is transformed. I cannot recommend NLP enough. I have endured a lifetime of depression and anxiety and more recently grief. I decided at the age of 55 it was time for change, I have had various talking therapies and medication but I felt these were just temporary fixes. I cannot believe how differently I feel and those incessant critical voices have quietened and I am thinking more clearly than I can ever remember doing. I told Alison she was truly a magician but she assured me that I have done a lot of the hard work and will need to continue to do so to become the best version of me which of course I am willing to do , she pointed out I have a choice and therefore the power within me to be the me I have always wanted to be. I have left my past in the past and I’m looking forward and the future looks bright. There aren’t enough words to express my gratitude Alison but I’m am so grateful that our paths crossed at a time I so desperately needed your help and there you were. Thank you.” October 2019