• Deborah

    “Alison is not only a delightful individual but is a very knowledgable and inspirational speaker. Alison has given talks at two of my events, Grantham Women in Business and a Retreat event I organised at Buckminster. On both occasions Alison fills the room with warmth and her personal story sends a positive message empowering people to change their lifestyle and really think about their body and how we look after ourselves. I would highly recommend her as a guest speaker at an event. Deborah @ queenbeeandco.co.uk.”  August 2019

  • Wayne

    “Alison’s fundamental strength is her ability to connect with others on a deep and personal level. Her natural ability to convey complex principals from her extensive knowledge of NLP, Nutrition and Wellbeing, in a group or individual context, is evident. There is a real clarity and directness in Alison’s approach, beautifully balanced with warmth, humour, passion and empathy. Alison embodies her principals and I feel that this has such an impact on her ability to facilitate change in others!” September 2019

  • Sam

    “Alison and I worked together designing and delivering wellbeing workshops. Alison has an extensive knowledge on wellbeing and nutrition topics. Her teaching background ensures all deliveries are purposeful and evidence based yet also interactive and enjoyable. She is empathetic and passionate at supporting others to be the best they can be.” September 2019

  • Rosalind

    “Alison is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to nutrition, you can tell it’s her passion alongside NLP. After having a coaching session with her, for the first time in a long time I had the clarity and felt ready to move forward positively in the right direction for me. Alison has a beautiful caring nature about her that is infectious, I would definitely recommend her.” August 2019

  • Clare

    “I’ve heard a couple of Alison’s talks now and they were brilliant. She is so knowledgable and is able to deliver a really complex subject in a way that everyone can engage, understand and enjoy – whether you’re someone who already has quite a bit of knowledge on the subject, or a novice. She also has a really lovely caring, empathetic personality and is also extremely professional. I would really recommend her – she knows her “stuff” – and more! Wonderful lady.” August 2019

  • Tom

    “After being diagnosed with Arthritis and Fibromyalgia in 2017 I spent many months trying to get relief from the symptoms associated with these conditions. I was recommended to give Alison a call and I had two sessions with her. She was absolutely brilliant with information and recommendations regarding natural supplements and dietary requirements. I learned a great deal from her and implemented her ideas and now I am really pleased that her recommendations have worked and my health conditions are finally under control. I would highly recommend you speak to Alison as she really knows her stuff and she will really help you.” July 2019

  • Alan

    “My name is Alan and I am in my mid 70’s. I have suffered from depression and feelings of anger for the last 20 years. I was in such a dark place that it started to affect my marriage and my relationship with my mother. I met Alison at an organised Fitness and Wellbeing session. I asked for her help and she immediately booked some 1-hour sessions with me. I was very nervous, but Alison put me at ease and let me take things at my own pace. Her advice on how to tackle my anger helped me gain confidence. After a few weeks I noticed a great difference in…

  • Keziah

    “Alison supported me over a period of time as I focused on achieving balance in my body and mind. Her nutritional advice was spot-on, highly tailored to my needs and respectful of my wants. Her style is kind and without judgement, and her energy is very special indeed. Highly recommended.” March 2018

  • Trudie

    “I attended Alison’s work shop ‘Change Your Thoughts, Improve Your Health’. I wasn’t sure what to expect but I was pleasantly surprised. Alison was ‘alive’ with enthusiasm about her beliefs. Within the course we covered a number of areas relating to our everyday lives. I have taken a lot away from this work shop, Alison had given me tools to overcome issues in my life. Thank you Alison.” October 2018

  • Tara

    “I have attended a few small workshops run by Alison, they were very relaxed and enjoyable. I learnt a lot and Alison is very informative and knowledgeable, as well as passionate about nutrition and wellbeing. She is not judgemental at all and gives practical ideas to help put her ideas into practice. I feel I’ve gained a friend as well as lots more knowledge and I look forward to further workshops with her.” September 2019