• Keziah

    “Alison supported me over a period of time as I focused on achieving balance in my body and mind. Her nutritional advice was spot-on, highly tailored to my needs and respectful of my wants. Her style is kind and without judgement, and her energy is very special indeed. Highly recommended.” March 2018

  • Trudie

    “I attended Alison’s work shop ‘Change Your Thoughts, Improve Your Health’. I wasn’t sure what to expect but I was pleasantly surprised. Alison was ‘alive’ with enthusiasm about her beliefs. Within the course we covered a number of areas relating to our everyday lives. I have taken a lot away from this work shop, Alison had given me tools to overcome issues in my life. Thank you Alison.” October 2018

  • Tara

    “I have attended a few small workshops run by Alison, they were very relaxed and enjoyable. I learnt a lot and Alison is very informative and knowledgeable, as well as passionate about nutrition and wellbeing. She is not judgemental at all and gives practical ideas to help put her ideas into practice. I feel I’ve gained a friend as well as lots more knowledge and I look forward to further workshops with her.” September 2019

  • Julia

    “I have attended several of Alison’s seminars and courses which has been a real pleasure. She is very enthusiastic and knowledgeable. Alison is a warm, bubbly person who can tailor the course to your needs – and is always very open to questions and differing opinions. I shall definitely be attending more of her sessions in the future.” March 2019

  • Lindsey

    “I found Alison very professional, very down to earth and very knowledgeable, she kept the teachings real. Alison really knows her subject, the information she gave was life changing and really can make a difference to your total mind and body well-being. She was captivating and I would highly recommend her workshops and coaching, I have enjoyed and learnt so much from both services. Thank you Alison, truly priceless.” April 2018

  • Lyt

    “Alison is just amazing. Her workshops have helped me to change my life around. I have discovered that happiness is not the responsibility of any person other than yourself. It all comes from within. Thank you Alison”