Workshops and Talks

As a former teacher, nothing gives me greater pleasure than creating workshops and talks that will inspire and inform those taking part!

They act as a springboard to dive deeper into undertsanding how amazing and powerful we humans are, and how, given the right environment, we can not only thrive but repair, revitalise and renew.

When we nourish our body, nurture our mind, reconnect with nature and carry out practices that return us to our natural state of calm, we reduce stress and inflammation - the precursors of dis-ease.

I deliver these on a range of topics, including stress management, resilience, mindset, healthy eating, menopause support, reconnecting with nature and other lifestyle tools.

We all know that the happier and healthier you feel, the more productive you are, the better your relationships with those around you, the more energy you'll have to sustain you through the day. So, if you're in a corporate or education setting, contact me to discuss how I can help.

If you're a charity, health and wellness setting or private group, and have a specific topic in mind, contact me to see what I can offer you.



"I've heard a couple of Alison's talks now and they were brilliant. She is so knowledgable and is able to deliver a really complex subject in a way that everyone can engage, understand and enjoy - whether you're someone who already has quite a bit of knowledge on the subject, or a novice. She also has a really lovely caring, empathetic personality and is also extremely professional. I would really recommend her - she knows her "stuff" - and more! Wonderful lady."

- Clare

"Alison’s fundamental strength is her ability to connect with others on a deep and personal level. Her natural ability to convey complex principals from her extensive knowledge of NLP, Nutrition and Wellbeing, in a group or individual context, is evident. There is a real clarity and directness in Alison’s approach, beautifully balanced with warmth, humour, passion and empathy. Alison embodies her principals and I feel that this has such an impact on her ability to facilitate change in others!"

- Wayne